About Us

naturalherbsFor hundreds of years, Native Americans, African Yorubic medicine practitioners, and Traditional Chinese medicine practitioners have relied on the power of natural remedies to alleviate symptoms from sunburns to arthritis. As modern medicine and synthetic drugs grew, many of these practices were left behind.

Now, with the high cost of modern medicine and the side effects of pricy drugs, many people wish to return to more natural remedies to balance their health, and with advances in modern science, we can put these ancient practices and herbal remedies under the microscope and see what nature is really trying to give us.

Herbalist Report is your home for inquisitive review of natural herbal remedy. Our lab reviews herbal supplement products, holistic medicine practices, scientific clinical trials and publishes material to help you find the products and practices that really work and have a positive effect on your health.

Our in-house and guest editors include scientists, medical doctors, holistic remedy experts and practicing trained herbalists, and controlled testing in our independent facility, all with the intent of re-discovering true natural remedies.