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Is It High Time for Holistic Health Approaches?

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Considering the whole person in healing, holistic health approaches focus on someone’s overall state of being, including on his body, mind, spirit and emotions—all towards optimal wellness. Based on the principles where these approaches are focused into, one can achieve an optimal health if he or she would be able to keep the balance in all of these aspects. The main goal of holistic healing, therefore, is to help someone achieve and gain proper life balance.

What Is Holistic Medicine?

Performed by holistic medical practitioners, holistic health is designed and made to improve someone’s overall health condition, considering all the aspects one has to balance so that his body, mind and spirit will work harmoniously with his systems functioning as a one unit. As you can imagine, people of today have certain imbalances whether on spiritual, emotional or physical and any of such imbalance negatively affects overall condition.

Holistic health approaches are performed by a holistic doctor who has an in-depth knowledge and skills on human anatomy and on both traditional and alternative approaches to natural health. Aside from their knowledge of conventional medication, they are also versed with alternative therapies when helping a patient. So if you are suffering from migraine and you paid a visit to a doctor using these approaches to potential relief, you will be interviewed of the potential causes of your problem rather than only be given with medications to get rid of headache.

A holistic doctor may then ask you of,

  • Diet
  • Physical activities
  • Stress
  • Preferred spiritual practice
  • Sleeping habits/disorders
  • And other health problems

Upon determination of the above, your doctor may recommend a health plan that may involve medications to reduce symptoms and lifestyle changes to get rid of recurrent pain. Because holistic health approaches are based on the belief that unconditional love and support is your main weapon against all diseases, these healing methods equally believe that you are the one responsible of your overall health and well-being and that you have the ability to heal yourself.

What Are the Types of Holistic Health Approaches?

There is a wide range of holistic health approaches used by practitioners in helping you. And for the most part, you will be taught on how to take control of your health by being responsible of your own being and some techniques you will learn including lifestyle changes, proper self-care, including diet and exercise, spiritual counseling and psychotherapy, among others.

There may also be alternative and complementary therapies involved, including chiropractic, acupuncture and naturopathy and modern medications included, such as surgical procedures and Western medicines. A few of the practitioners you may find in a clinic practicing holistic healing techniques are naturopathic doctors, osteopathic doctors, medical doctors and homeopathic doctors, among others, and clinic services may also vary from one to another.

Certainly, holistic health is what everyone desires for, but such isn’t easy to achieve—that is why there are holistic health approaches geared towards the betterment of the body, mind and spirit in order that they work as ‘one’ with balance and harmony for a positive health impact.