A holistic therapy known for thousands of years, aromatherapy is said to be the best approach to complete healing of the body, mind and spirit. It relaxes using essential oils, which are applied to the skin during an aromatherapy massage. These essential oils enter the skin onto the hair follicles where they are absorbed by the bloodstream, which then transports and circulates them around the body.

What Aromatherapy Does for You?



  1. Stress reduction: A little stress may be good for your body, but too much may cause imbalance and may ruin its function. If you want to reduce stress and manage it better, you may want to try aromatherapy, one of the best natural remedies against stress. The essential oil used in this kind of therapy possesses potent relaxants that can soothe your senses, calming your body, mind and spirit and promoting complete relaxation. Some essential oils that may serve this purpose include lavender, lemon, peppermint and bergamot, in particular to lemon that is said to reduce irritability and improve mood.*


  1. Memory boosting: No matter what someone age is, no one is spared from having poor memory, and sometimes even those in their early thirties suffer from it. If you are one and you would like to improve memory and boost concentration at the same time, you can depend on aromatherapy. It works as a memory booster, something beneficial for students reviewing for an examination or for professionals preparing a report or beating a deadline. With more focus and with better ability of forming short-term memories, you will be able to become more mentally productive than you ever were. In case you don’t know yet, aromatherapy is also used as alternative/supplemental healing approach for patients with Alzheimer’s and dementia. So to start reaping its benefits and achieving that refreshing burst in your brain, try aromatherapy, particularly sage oil that helps in enhancing your capacity to remember with its memory-boosting properties.*


  1. Anti-depression: According to experts, aromatherapy potentially helps in lowering stress, resulting to prevention of depression. And even if you already are feeling depressed, you will be able to fight it off by using aroma oils that can promote your wellbeing and improve your mood. And because they are all-natural, you won’t have to worry about any side effects at all.*


aromatherapy_passport_to_good_healthYou don’t have to wait until depression gets the most out of your life, but get aromatherapy that can dramatically reduce its symptoms. You can consult your doctor about adding essential oil to help boost your mood. Options to choose include chamomile, jasmine, lavender and peppermint.


  1. Energy boosting: We all need a boost in energy and that is something we can get from aromatherapy. Many have their hectic schedule at work and from their busy lives, and so some resort to coffee, energy pills and cigarettes, which are not helpful at all. Although a proper diet and physical activities may help in improving energy levels, they may not be enough but can be supplemented by aroma oil massage that can give you that energy boost you are looking for. These aroma oils, including rosemary, angelica, cinnamon and clove, to name some, are helpful to serving this purpose.*


  1. Immune system: Well yes, prevention is better than cure, and for that matter, there are essential oils to help you prevent virtually all types of illnesses because they have antimicrobial properties, which can fight off infections, while some of them possess anti-fungal and antibacterial compounds, too. You can try some of the best essential oils for immune system enhancement and some of them include cinnamon, peppermint and frankincense.*


Definitely, aromatherapy is one of the best natural remedies everyone can benefit from, thanks to Mother Nature! It offers a wide range of benefits that your body can take advantage to achieve holistic health and provides your body, mind and spirit with that calming and soothing effect for a thorough relaxation, energy and mind boost and mood uplifting properties of select aroma oils, so get started to aromatherapy and experience its amazing health benefits for you today!

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